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About the Classes

Pasta and pastry making are skills you must learn with your hands. Once you've had a chance to watch the process, you will make your own dough from scratch. You will learn the "feel" of how moist it needs to be and when it is fully kneaded, you will know the touch required to roll and stretch it.  You will learn how to mix and shape many different kinds of pasta and pastry, as well as make gnocchi that are as light as a feather, because you will be doing it! 








Pasta 101 is the basis for anything made with egg pasta dough. The skills learned in this class form the foundation for techniques taught in the Lasagne and Stuffed Pasta classes. Semolina Pasta and Gnocchi require no previous pasta making skills.  CONTACT US for more information or to sign up for a class. 


Here is what you will learn in each of the classes: 


PASTA 101 

  • how to mix, rest, roll and stretch fresh egg pasta dough by hand using only a board and a rolling pin

  • how to cut various traditional flat noodle shapes such as fettucine and pappardelle as well as smaller shapes like maltagliati and quadrucci that are used in soup

  • how to cook fresh pasta

  • how to dry or store fresh pasta for later        

LASAGNE  (Pasta 101 required)

  • how to make spinach pasta (and many other flavored pastas)

  • how to make a balsamella sauce

  • how to assemble a lasagne so that stays in neat pieces when you cut it

  • how to make rollatini with your fresh lasagne pasta

  • how to make beautiful pasta "roses" 


STUFFED PASTA (Pasta 101 required)

  • how to make your own ricotta 

  • how to make pasta dough that stays sealed around your stuffing

  • how to cut and shape many different kinds of stuffed pasta, such as agnolotti, ravioli, tortellini, cappelletti



  • how to make potato gnocchi dough that is tender and light

  • how to roll and shape these little dumplings so that they cook evenly and hold more of your delicious sauce

  • how to make strucolo, a filled and baked dish that uses gnocchi dough



  • how to make the dough for semolina pasta, a very different creature from egg pasta 

  • how to form some of the traditional shapes made from semolina pasta, including orecchietti, cavatelli, fusilli, and many more



  • how to make thin, shatteringly crisp cannoli shells

  • how to make fresh ricotta for a traditional Sicilian filling


After each pasta class you'll have a chance to sample your labors with a glass of wine and bring home a batch of your "homemades" to share with family or friends.

Pricing and Packages


Pasta and pastry classes are offered individually for $100 eachClasses are limited to 6 students so that everyone has plenty of personal attention. A single deposit of $25 through paypal is all you need to secure your place (or your party's place) in a class. The balance will be due at the start of class. We prefer check or cash. Contact us for information about private parties or to sign up for our waiting list.











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