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Learn from scratch

Now, the ancient art of homemade pasta is as easy to learn as it is to enjoy. Bring the secrets of my grandmother’s kitchen to your own table. This is the real thing, made entirely by hand, the way my grandmother and her grandmother before her did.  A board and a rolling pin are the only tools you need to create tender, delicate egg pasta, chewy, toothsome semolina pasta and gnocchi as light as a feather. Join us in the kitchen and share the fun of making this simple and beautiful food.

Who will enjoy these classes?

These classes make great gifts and are fun experiences to share.


Wonderful idea for anyone seeking:

  • couples classes

  • team building activities

  • child friendly family activity

  • bachelorette party

  • shower or wedding gift

Meet Jolynn

One of my earliest memories is of peering up over the edge of the kitchen table to watch my grandmother roll out sheets of pasta dough so thin you could see though them. These she cut with a knife into great piles of golden ribbons that would be our dinner later that night. So, you see, I literally learned to make pasta at my grandmother's knee. That was many years ago and since that time I have passed those skills on to my own children and grandchildren. Now I would love the chance to share them with you.  

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