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"The first sheet of pasta that I rolled out, I thought, 'I'll never be able to do this on my own', the second sheet I made in half the time and by the third one I felt like a pasta master!" - Rachel

"The extremely low pressure atmosphere and the positive (yet constructive) feedback helped immensely. I was surprised by how simple the ingredients were! I was expecting technique to be important and I was surprised by how forgiving the process was." - Bob

"Hands on aspect felt very comfortable. Room was perfect--bright with plenty of area to work. Instruction was given in a clear manner at a very easy pace.

Jolynn is very personable and made the class enjoyable and so fun. Learned wonderful technique." - Monica


"I enjoyed the hands on experience. Jolynn's patience and instructions made the experience easy and enjoyable." - Jennifer


"It was a lot of fun--lots of good information. Well presented." - Jean

"I didn't know what to expect when I signed up. Thank you for making it fun. You were very patient. I learned a lot today." - Carla

"I enjoyed making different sizes and shapes. The taste was delicious and now I need to know how to make different sauces. Excellent teaching pacing."  - Judy

grandmother/granddaughter pasta team

        grandmother/granddaughter team


"It was super fun! Making pasta was actually easier than I thought. I would come again any day!" - Paige

"Delicious, light pasta is such a treat to make and eat! Jolynn shares her skills with heart and authentic Italian expertise." - Kathy

"Mmmmmmm" - Lucia

"I loved the whole process! It was definiely what I had expected in learning how to make the dough for pasta.  I really enjoyed seeing the familiar pasta that I know in it's prime form and learning how easy it is to make!  I appreciated being exposed the the process of several types of pasta. Thank you!!" - Gina


mother daughter class

"Totally Coolios! I am going to tell my friends about these classes. Can't wait to learn more!" - Elizabeth

mother daughter class

"Wonderful and informative! My 10 year old and I had an amazing experience. We felt like we had travelled back in time to old Italy with all its charm and intrigue. Amazing smells and tastes of old traditions." - Sandi

mother daughter team

Proud Lasagne Ladies


"FUN, FUN, FUN!" - Donna

husband and wife team

"Wonderful time, very informative." - Howard

"I love the different rolling techniques and the hands on training." - Leslie

"The hands on learning, laid back personality and very relaxed setting was so fun. It's amazing what can be done with flour and eggs. It was such a pleasure to be with Jolynn." - Karen

"We had a great teacher. I liked how you showed us each process a couple of times. So nice to do something constructive with friends." - Dottie

"I loved the atmosphere and simple tools. It was like cooking outside. The best part was eating the pasta!" - Tom


  • Loved the big board and rolling pin

  • Great teacher -- very relaxed and informative. Everyone felt successful with their pasta making :)

  • Looking forward to making stuffed pasta next... ​FYI -- pasta tasted wonderful! - Karen

couple's class

couple's class

"A most authentic Old World Italian cooking experience, it took me back to Sunday mornings in the kitchen with my grandmother -- what a powerful memory!" - Dom

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"I was surprised how easy it was to make such great pasta." - Angelea

mother daughter class

Angelea and her mom

"I enjoyed learning the techniques for rolling out pasta. I was also amazed that you can make your own ricotta and it really tasted so much better than store bought." - Lorraine

mother daughter class

"I enjoyed learning how to make bow tie pasta. It was fun to play with the dough and I would like to take more classes." - Mia

mother and daughter team



"I most enjoyed the communal nature of the class. I'm not sure that I had any specific expectations, but I guess I was surprised by the gentle, supportive instruction--maybe I was not that confident before coming and thought I'd make more mistakes. I'm glad that any correction was made with a soft voice. Thank you!" - Ellen

couple's class
couple's class

date night

"I loved how hands-on the class is! Learning to make pasta is fun, simple and relaxing and you made it easy to learn." - Nicolette

"Fascinating to work the process from beginning to end with segments of additional device and alternatives presented.  Much more helpful to have individual feedback compared to a book or video." - Doug

fresh hand made pasta

The Payoff!

"Enjoyed making pasta varieties. Would recommend my daughter to attend your class someday.  Also, I would like to learn more about lasagna, stuffed pasta and gnocchi." - Erin 

"I appreciated the 'can't make a wrong style' attitude. It allowed us to experiment and find what interested us. I liked not being too structured so we could experiment." - Kelly

"I was surprised that it was just water and semolina flour.  It was fun and relaxing to make and I can't wait to come back to learn more." - Kurt

The Semolina Six

mother and son

"I enjoyed everything. I especially enjoyed not just learning about how to make the pasta ("hands on" segment) but also the history lessons about family and regions of Italy that were also shared.  I can't wait to share my new skills and am looking forward to returning for other classes." - Eileen

"Excellent instructions. Offered help when needed but allowed us to fail graciously. Made me feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you." - Ryan

"I enjoyed learning the process of turning the flour and egg into pasta ribbons. It was interesting that after the first go 'round, we all found our rhythm in rolling out the dough."

"Learning a new skill while enjoying the company of others -- a very comfortable setting. Understanding the process of pasta making and succeeding quickly! Encouragement and entertainment -- it was great!" - Joan

"The idea of the class is perfect for learning how to make a lovely meal. You work, knead, roll and talk; work knead, roll and laugh and the intimacy of the storytelling and woman talk adds to the love and happiness you roll into the dough. The teacher was patient, and helpful. She was also a tactile teacher, instructing us in the feel of the movements as we rolled and cut the dough. I didn't know what to expect. The teacher is a gentle woman so I knew the class would have a gentle, accepting atmosphere. I wouldn't change a thing -- it is the perfect atmosphere for learning and loving food and cooking." - Betsy

"The instruction was great. I am a kinesthetic learner. I learn by doing, so the manner in which each step was shown first, then I was allowed to apply it really helped. Your thorough understanding of the possible mishaps eased any potential pitfalls for first timers. The pace was even throughout the lesson. Your kind demeanor, soft correction and positive commentary encouraged me to be comfortable with pasta making. Thank you, Jolynn!  I intend to return." - Janaye

"Very insightful and knowledgeable. Fun class. I really enjoyed the hands-on experience. I expected the class to be fun and informative but it exceeded my expectations. Family meal at the end of class was really fun. I will definitely take more classes." - Karen


Date Night

"Hands on experience, most cooking classes in the area are demonstration only. Weekend availability is great too. Class size limitations are beneficial to student for personal attention." - Noreen


"The small class size was awesome. The teaching and hands on training make this class an educational experience that will never be forgotten. A fantastic time that I would highly recommend to everyone." - Rick

"Exactly as I had hoped. Hands-on experience is the best for me. Jolynn is a natural teacher with an abundance of patience. Fun and informative. Gather your friends and give it a try!" - Nancy


"Communication prior to class was easy and fast. The set up of the class was conducive to learning. Jolynn was thorough in explaining the step-by-step process and didn't hesitate to give praise and encouragement. She is certainly knowledgeable in the art of making pasta." - Theresa

"I enjoyed making the thin strips of pasta. I expected it to be hard but not too hard. I didn't expect the pasta to get so thin!" - Claire

Mother and daughter pasta makers

mother and daughter pasta makers

"I liked the relaxed, non-pressured atmosphere and instruction. The instruction was very clear and helpful. I can't wait to try to make more pasta on my own. I enjoyed every minute!" - Dina

"I most enjoyed rolling the dough. It was thought provoking and meditative. I enjoyed the whole process, from mixing in the eggs and flour to kneading to rolling it out. The set up was comfortable and very well done. The best thing about the class, however, was eating. Yum-yum." - Patrice

"I enjoyed most the relaxing atmosphere and the tips by the instructor. I looked forward to the dinner. It was such a great experience." - Nicole

"It was great!" - Matt

Ronja helping her mom

"I liked your class!" - Nodin

"Everything was wonderful! The preparation, the class and the dinner! Thank you. I did not think to have so much fun!" - Ursula

"My hobby is to make pasta but I learned a lot. The preparation was perfect. Thank you." - Hans-Jurg

Three generations of pasta makers

Gnocchi tonight!

"I loved the whole process. I did not expect to be making all of these pasta shapes. I was the best class I ever took. The pasta took no time to cook but a lot of time to make--but it was way worth it! Real easy process." - Spencer


"Loved the personal attention, looking forward to more new classes!" - Julie

Spencer teaches his mom to make cappelletti

"This was a great chance to spend special time with my daughter and learn at the same time. Really fun! Can't wait to learn more!!" - Nancy

"Loved it!!" - Jamie

mother and daughter cappeletti makers


"I enjoyed making the different types of pasta. I want to learn to make ravioli and colored pasta dough." - Kim

"I enjoyed the class, it was fun and informative. Very relaxing." - Morgan

"Total nostalgia for me...I grew up with some of the Italian food tradition, mainly in my grandmother's home, and that has completely shaped my taste and appreciation for food. I've been in the food industry my entire professional life, skills like this are what I enjoy most--so tactile. Thanks Jolynn, for keeping these skills alive." - Donna

"We had a great time! Jolynn graciously accommodated our family and we had so much fun. She showed us a variety of techniques to make pasta and we were able to make our own. We learned about the history too. She is a great teacher and made learning enjoyable. At the end we had a wonderful meal. I liked the individual stations and personalized attention. Taking home our pasta samples...will be enjoyed tomorrow!! Thank you very much." - Mary Lou

mother and daughter making pasta together

"It was laid back and fun. I like that it was a small class and we all got the attention we needed. I liked the sit-down dinner at the end." - Valerie

"The class was exceptional! Every student had their own work station and supplies. The class moved at a very understandable rate. Jolynn was a pleasure to work with! Prepared a great meal. We look forward to signing up for the next class.  Thank you for a super class!" - Jim

Jim took the "Are you man enough to wear this apron?" challenge from his son. What a sport!

"Had a great time learning various types of pastas and how to make the basics. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn about cooking hands on because the instructions are clear and easy to follow and you are having a lot of fun at the same time. Personally, I wouldn't want anything changed because it is a great class. 10 out of 10!" - Jimmy

"Hands on class is so much fun! I adore making and learning how to make pasta from scratch. Ms. Jolynn is pleasant and knowledgable. It's great to learn from someone who enjoys what she is doing!  I would love to come back and take another class and would recommend it to others!" - Jackie


The whole family enjoying the work of their own hands

"I loved the history. I loved Jolynn's patience. I liked building my pasta alongside the teacher. I liked that there were moments to chat and relax in between the lessons. And I loved eating at the end!" - Brendan

"The hands on experience, washing your hands and pitching right into the flour. I loved the discussion of the various types of pasta and loved seeing how each has developed by using simple tools and your hands. It was a GREAT time!" - Neda

mother and son pasta makers

Three sets of newlyweds met for the first time at a pasta class!

"I liked the small class size so you got one-on-one instruction and it allowed everyone to interact with each other.  The pace was great and you never felt rushed or that you were holding anyone up. The end result was delicious!!" - Alan

"I thought the class was superb! The setting and music was lovely. I found everything to be very organized and well thought out. I liked how we were shown what to do and then got to practice and then were allowed to "do it for real". It would be nice if there were a class that taught about sauces ("gravy") and a chance to learn about baking and more. I loved how there was everything from aprons available to different tools to make the pasta. Thank you for a delicious and fun afternoon." - Debbie

"The pace of the class was perfect! I was able to follow along, watch and learn. I came in thinking this would be difficult and was slightly nervous. Everything was presented so easily that I can't wait to try it at home.  Thank you!" - Danielle

"Really enjoyed the class, it was fun, informative and all my expectations were met. I really will enjoy applying what I learned to the fun of making future meals...I can't wait to tell people about you and I look forward to setting up another session in the future." - Joe

"I enjoyed the small group and the intimate feeling of the class being in your home. I didn't expect dinner after so that was a nice surprise! I thought the format of the class was great and made it easy to learn." - Heather

"I really enjoyed the time you spent with each person making sure we understood what to do and how to do it the correct way." - Bob

couples class 

"Great class!  Perfect set up and the instruction was clear and thoughtful. Definitely would recommend." - Jay

"Enjoyed the hands-on experience along with personal guidance. Loved the family style dinner after the class was done. Would definitely do this again. Will recommend this to all my friends as well." - Tanima

"I definitely enjoyed the class. I had no idea about the process of making pasta. Jolynn was excellent at demonstrating the process and then letting us get a hands-on feel. There is nothing better than sitting down and enjoying a home cooked meal that you just made with new found friends. Wine added a nice touch. I will never eat boxed pasta again knowing how easy it is and how much better handmade tastes!!!" - Paul

"I enjoyed the hands on experience, size of the class and the extra tips. Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed the class, company and experience. Will definitely recommend you and will be back!" - Kathy

"I really enjoyed the hands on experience of making my dinner. Jolynn's approach is very helpful in making you really learn how to make pasta correctly." - Jason

"I enjoyed everything about the class. The hands-on experience was fantastic! I cannot think of any way you can improve this class, keep it just as is and thank you!!" - Evelyn

"I enjoyed everything about this class. The best part is how good I feel about what I was able to learn. The instructor was very patient and pleasant, kind and thoughtful. It was a wonderful experience. I am planning on getting my daughter to bring me back!" - Betty

"Jolynn is a great and patient teacher. Hands on learning is the best. I expected the class to be difficult. The most helpful thing was having the demonstration and then the hands-on application. We had a great time!  The pasta was delicious and I loved being able to sit and enjoy a meal that I helped create --Yum!" - Regina



Mother and daughter and their noodles!

"Enjoyed the hands on and guidance provided." - Nadine

"I enjoyed everything about the class--this was my first experience rolling pasta." - Barbara

"I found all of the information helpful. You inspired me to make more from scratch beyond the class. I really enjoyed all of us sitting down to dinner together. Thank you!! We really want to come back again." - Lauren

"I think what was most helpful wasn't even the class, it was talking to you about cooking in general. Gnocchi were very easy to make. I like how all the ingredients were laid out so the step by step process made it easier. We had a blast, Thank You!" - Chris

"I didn't realize how easy it would be. Very knowledgable." - Annie

"I enjoyed learning how easy it was to make gnocchi. The instructions and recipes were easy and simple and I feel like it is something I could do on my own."- Ben


"I enjoyed the critique on rolling out the pasta. I enjoyed eating our hard work

I loved the demonstration first and then the chance to practice. I enjoyed the ideas on storing fresh pasta!" - Monica

"I really enjoyed the class, loved seeing the finished process. It was delicious too! It was cool seeing how it went from dough to yummy pasta on the table!" - Emily

"I enjoyed learning to make homemade pasta. It was helpful going through all the steps and learning each one at at time."  - Max

sister and brother 

mother and daughter


"Class size was perfect--you gave individual instruction to all of us. You are a terrific teacher --encouraging but honest. I really enjoyed sitting and eating and feeling the satisfaction.  Class was so organized and prepared, no time was wasted. I loved the history about the pastas." - Heather

"The class was great--very informative and of course delicious! You shared many techniques that I know I will be able to do at home. Very positive instructor!!" - Gwen

"Everything was wonderful! Well organized and pleasant. It was a great learning environment, so comfortable." - Lauren


"I loved the course, hands-on is the best way to learn. Also Jolynn's experience is extremely useful info." - Genevieve

mother and daughter 

husband and wife

"This class was great. The instructions were receptive to everyone's learning ability. The pasta was delicious." - Victor

"This class was amazing. I learned so much I never knew about pasta. The instructions were awesome." - Tracy

"This class was so educational but also great fun. I was certain at the end of the lesson I would be able to make pasta at home. The communal dinner afterwards was a great time to share stories." - Karen

"I did not expect to get such detailed, step by step instruction. I feel like I can take what I learned and make pasta at home. I also enjoyed being part of a small group. Thank you for such a great experience!!" - Susan


"I had so much fun making the pasta. It made me feel so creative. Throughout the whole class, I felt like I learned so much. You give very useful tips and this class makes me want to come back for more! I loved how you gave a little history lesson on the cultures of Italy. This was my first time cooking and I had a blast. I am so happy that there weren't too many people in the group because we all got very good attention from you! I loved that we had dinner together because that just brought the class to a great finish!" - Monika

"Things that were the most helpful:

Jolynn's way of stopping by each and every one of us and making sure we got the techniques right. 

Attention to detail, well prepared, very friendly. I truly felt that I learned to make pasta from my grandmother! The food was awesome! It would be great to have a sauce class." - Jaya


mothers and daughters making pasta together

"Personal attention and flexibility was wonderful. Sharing the meal in a casual manner, sharing ideas, added to the enjoyment. It felt like a group of friends getting together for dinner. We were not rushed in any way. I would love to see other Italian dishes, full meals, comparisons of food among different regions of Italy." - Lynne

"You are very hands on and attentive! You also explained the origins of things, which was very interesting! Dinner was very personal which made it a great experience! Thank you!" - Christine

"I absolutely loved the dinner! I liked the method of showing us first and then doing it on our own. I liked learning about making the sauce. Appreciated the re-do on the dough when it didn't work the first time and I loved the personal setting!" - Jessica

"Enjoyed  everything, especially the food at the end! So good! The instruction was great and I liked how simple it was. The online description was accurate and my expectations were met, actually, they were exceeded. Also was glad to be able to take some home with us." - Pat

"I enjoyed the relaxed and personally comfortable atmosphere. The demo/group assisted portion made a lot of sense. Your hands on assistance was also great. The space is beautiful and feels so comfortable." - Cait

"I enjoyed the small class size because it allowed us all to get to know each other and share in the experience. I loved the hands on part and enjoyed learning some history as well." - Brian

"I loved everything! Truly, you do a beautiful job. I loved how their was music in the background. You make the whole experience warm, inviting, friendly and fun! I loved learning how to make gnocchi and you went along at the perfect speed!" - Emily

Here they all are, hard at work!

  • Loved that it was a small group and was more initmate

  • The explanations and demonstrations made it easy to make the pasta shapes myself and I feel confident that I can replicate them at home

  • It was really lovely having a Sunday Supper with everyone in the class - it was the perfect ending to the class! - Kellie


"Everything was wonderful! I enjoyed learning about the different regions of Italy and their types of pasta. Making all the different types of pasta was fun and interesting, even if all of my shapes didn't come out so nicely!" - Mike

"Post class homemade meal to eat the pasta we just made was excellent and reminded me of my childhood." - Tony

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class and look forward to the next class." - Tish

"Loved all of it! Thank you! I will be back soon!" - Krista

mother and daughter pasta makers

"People were nice, instructor was very good, Had a great time and learned how to make pasta." - Alex

"I LOVED Pasta 101!" - Lisa

"Being shown multiple types of pasta was interesting to see.  I also liked having all of the tools available to us so we could try different techniques. I can't think of anything I would change about it. Overall, it was a very fun class and I feel as though I've learned a lot. I would definitely consider taking another course." - Tim

"I read through a lot of the reviews on your site and it sounded so fun! And that was exactly how it turned out. I think the demonstrations and hands on practice was great. The small class made it personal and relaxed. The set up was efficient and made it easy to learn. It also allowed for everyone to converse and learn. There was enough flexibility in the technique to make it your own. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family! Very fun." - Lauren

freshly cut tagliatelle

"My expectations were met and a lot more! I hope to be able to come to more of your classes. Loved every minute of it!" - Gabriella

"Loved that you demo'd first and let us feel the dough so we'd know what we were aiming for. Everything was so well organized." - Jen

mother and daughters

"Love the clean, authentic facility, the fresh ingredients. Easy to follow instructions. Delicious food to enjoy with class and nice to bring something home as well." - Jennifer

"Enjoyed the class, love the hands-on, very relaxing. Would come again. Great idea for a bridal shower!" - Beverly

"I loved eating together at the end and the demonstration of techniques and tips. I didn't expect all the hands-on work, but enjoyed it. I learned a lot by doing it myself, instead of watching the instructor do it." - Melissa

"I enjoyed everything! Food was extraordinary. The pasta making was fun-can't think of a way to improve it. Loved the history and the little gems of wisdom. Can't wait to come back for more classes." - Mary Pat

"Enjoyed the atmosphere and size of the class! Love having the ability to do everything and make the pasta--very hands on. I liked being able to ask questions and you answered everything! Great class!" - Karen

"Great job overall!" - Frank

Father and daughter took a class together

"Teacher is great! Very positive and explains the process well. The dinner at the end was a delicious preview of what we had just made, and it was fun to try all the different shapes. I thought it was particularly helpful to go through all the pasta types/shapes so that we could be comfortable when we went to make our own to take home. Very enjoyable and delicious!" - Megan

"Enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and genuine kindness and patience of the teacher! It was lovely to be there with my daughters but also fun to meet the other attendees. Jolynn was really great at keeping an eye on what we were doing right and what we could do better, providing gentle and very helpful correction and guidance. It was also nice to see the process "end to end", i.e. to see how pasta becomes pasta and then how easily it is prepared into a delicious meal! Sharing a meal together was the perfect way to end." - Catherine

"I thought the class was great. The "see then do" was a great method. The dinner at the end is also a great way to wrap up the class and show a method of preparation. As always, it was delicious! I am excited to come back again." - Lauren

A mom and her daughters--can you tell?

"Everything was wonderful, I enjoyed the hands on lesson, I wouldn't change a thing." - Colleen

"This was a fabulous experience! I enjoyed learning how to make the pasta while having fun at the same time. Jolynn was an excellent teacher. I would not change a thing. Thank you." - Kris Ann

"I wasn't sure of the details of the class, just that I would be learning to make pasta from scratch. We learned a lot more than I expected and it was very enjoyable." - Lori

"Enjoyed the pasta making process. It is so much simpler than what I expected. The overall process was very helpful, allowing me the opportunity to make the pasta from scratch. Start to finish was quite enjoyable." - Petronella

"Our daughter gave us a gift certificate for Christmas. I appreciated the one-on -one instruction while rolling out my pasta dough. The 'tips' were helpful. Your approach, demonstration rolling out the dough, followed by practice rolling our own was very effective. I honestly can't think of any improvements." - Diane

  • Love the hands on, small class

  • Getting to work with Jolynn's dough initially, allowed us to see and feel how it should be done before we tackled our own. - Steve

"I liked having many opportunities to practice the skills you showed us, this is very helpful. I also liked the choose-your-own adventure of the different types of pasta we can make." - Emily

"It was so much fun. It is easier than I had thought it would be. You are a wonderful teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I definitely will make some at home. Thank you so much." - Denise

mother and daughter making pasta together

"I enjoyed everything. It was fun and very informative. I never expected that I would be able to make my own pasta (that would actually taste great) the very first time. Jolynn is very knowledgeable and a great teacher!" - Collette


Proudly displaying their beautiful, hand made pasta

"I loved the one-on-one instruction and the chance to ask questions and also interact with the other members of the class." - Janice

"The class was well organized and the instruction was a perfect combination of demonstration and hands on. The instructor did a wonderful job of giving advice and demonstrating. It all came together and culminated in a beautiful dinner of garden fresh ingredients." - Bonnie

  • instructions were very clear

  • instructor helped with hands-on parts

  • the tips were very helpful 

            - Annabelle

"I enjoyed every bit of this class. I appreciated the hands on approach and the individual attention. The tips I learned were great and I feel that I can go hame and make pasta!! Thank you." - Michelle

mother and daughter

"Great instructions mixing the eggs in the flour well. Enjoyed the rolling technique. Hands on touch was amazing. Loved the prep from Donna. The zucchini pepper salad and the basil oil were a taste exploration. Mouth watering!" - Ingrid

"I thought class was great! I learned a lot of tips to really get started making pasta." - Joe

"I liked the visual demonstrations first and that you walked around. And I like that we took some home! :)" - Danielle

"It was everything I expected and more." - Darren

"The knowledge, the fun and the eating--Oh, and the wine! I loved it!" - Marie

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